Ruxcon 2015 Update

Ruxcon tickets are almost gone. We currently have about 11 tickets remaining. Once these tickets go we may look at allocating a handful more based on special circumstance. 

The training late rate applies from Thursday onwards. Please register for training before the end of the month to avoid a price increase. 

Streaming & Social Jukebox

Can’t be bothered going to the talks? Rather spend your time bar-side?  You can now watch and listen to all the talks in event room 1 via your Android or iOS device. Please bring along a pair of earbuds. Streaming will be available via the internal network.

This is probably a terrible idea, but we’re giving you (the delegate) control of the tunes in Lanai bar. Queue up your favorite YouTube music videos and Soundcloud tracks or just down-vote other selections. 

Event News


Black Bag

We're still looking for a few teams to register for In the Black bag. In this competition you play the role of a spy on a mission to steal top secret dox. This will require to break into a hotel room and call upon a variety of skills. A live feed of the hotel room will be streamed to the bar area.Register here.

Turbo Talks

If you would like to perform a turbo talk and you can compress content down to only 6 minutes worth of critical information (preference given to technical content), then please send a proposal to